Heroes of the Nentir Vale

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Session 1

Traveling with a dwarf merchant named Traevus along the old trade road to Fallcrest, the party was ambushed by goblins led by a mysterious cloaked rider on a black horse. During the scuffle, a box was stolen and Traevus asked the party to retrieve it for him.

Quest: Retrieve Traevus’ stolen box. 100 xp reward.
Quest: Track down the mysterious rider and uncover his identity. 100 xp reward.

At a crossroads in the hills, the party was attacked by wolves and goblin cutthroats, but managed to put them to the sword and chase off the remaining wolf. (550 xp)

Reaching a valley with a series of caves, the group tracked the horse into one particular entrance where they were attacked by yet more goblins, this time accompanied by guard drakes and a hex hurler. Yet again, the party emerged victorious and now has further choices of where to go and what to explore, as they have stumbled into some sort of ancient temple holdfast. (650 xp)


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